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德州中科新材料-bat365,在线平台有限公司(简称“中科新材”)是山东金鑫建设集团-bat365,在线平台有限公司下属全资子公司。公司成立于2003年,专注混凝土服务事业17年,现已发展为国内领先的化学建材成长型科技企业。公司2016年新启用花园式厂区,占地42000平米,拥有2个现代化超宽车间,3个大型物流仓储,生产设备采用全自动化控制,年产聚羧酸系高性能减水剂15万吨,萘系高效减水剂2万吨,泵送剂6万吨,粉体产品4万吨。公司重视科技发展路线,先后与中国建筑材料科学研究总院、济南|bat365,在线平台大学、海南|bat365,在线平台大学南海海洋资源利用国家重点实验室等高校和研究机构开展了密切的产学研技术合作。公司先后通过了ISO 9001质量管理体系认证、ISO 45001职业健康安全管理体系认证、ISO 14001环境管理体系认证、CRCC铁路产品认证等多项认证,获得了“德州市绿色建筑材料工程实验室”、“德州市高新技术企业”、“德州市绿色建筑材料技术创新工作站”等多项荣誉。



Dezhou Zhongke New Material Co. , Ltd. ("Zhongke new material") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Jinxin Construction Group Co. , Ltd. . Founded in 2003, focusing on concrete services for 17 years, has developed into a leading domestic chemical building materials growth technology enterprises. In 2016, the company opened a new garden-style factory, covering an area of 42,000 square meters, with two modern ultra-wide workshops, three large-scale logistics storage, production equipment using fully automatic control, annual production of polycarboxylic acid series high-performance water reducer 150,000 tons, nAPHTHALENE series superplasticizer 20,000 tons, pumping agent 60,000 tons, powder products 40,000 tons. The company attaches great importance to the development of science and technology, he has developed close cooperation with the materials science, Jinan University, Hainan University and other universities and research institutions, including the state key laboratory of marine resources utilization. The company has passed ISO 9001 quality management system certification, ISO 45001 occupational health and Safety Management System Certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification, CRCC Railway Product Certification, and other certification, "Dezhou Green Building Materials Engineering Laboratory" , "Dezhou high-tech enterprises" , "Dezhou Green building materials technology innovation workstation" and other honors. The company's products mainly include polycarboxylic acid series of high performance water reducing agent, naphthalene series of high performance water reducing agent, mortar admixtures, pervious concrete admixtures, concrete waterproofing agents, concrete corrosion and rust inhibitors, quick setting agents, grouting materials, grouting materials and more than ten series, product types basically cover housing construction, roads, water transport, airport shipping, high-speed railway, bridges and tunnels and hydropower projects, such as various additives product needs. Texas Zhongke is committed to the "quality first, service first" service purpose, adhering to the "science and technology" development line, united to contribute to the service of concrete.

Management idea
Precious little time,such as wood,tolerance,passion of fire water,such as soil.
Enterprise vision
To build team,performance and sets up the Image
Management motto
Starts from me,look at me,for my supervision,and promote my ascension
Production management
Shandong Jin Xin Construction Group Co.,Ltd. was founded in August 2005,now our company has 3 subordinate professionalized engage in construct1on industry:Dezhou Jin Xin Concrete Co.,Ltd.,Dezhou zhong ke new materials Co.,Ltd.,Dezhou Jin Xin Equipment Leasing Co.,Ltd.,We have the Secondary Level certificate of municipal construction project and architectural decoration.decoration engineering,construction waterproof engineering,metal doors and windows Engineering qualification,And at first Jin Xin corporation is only engaged in construction enterprises and through several years'development it has developed into acomprehensive group company which owns many entities and engages in multiplex management.
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